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We Work For Street Childern
Fight For Childern
We Work For Street Childern
Fight For Childern
We Work For Street Childern
Fight For Childern

Our Main Activity

The main activity of NHRACB (National Human Rights & Anti Corruption Bureau) is to ensure that every person in the social work dealing with the basic human rights is not deprived of his rights.

Human rights are violated by humans

Requirements and importance of Human rights

We all know that there is no other human than human rights in the world at all for the second time. In today’s world, it is more proven. Human rights don’t seem to be a regional or national term; however, it’s a global, comprehensive, broader and universal word. Human rights do not tolerate any type of narrowness and never tolerate injustice and discrimination. They embody everybody despite faith and caste. Thus human rights fight for the weak folks of the planet and against the powerful. Human rights fight beyond any doubt against the blacks of the planet, for the sake of cash and weak, for thousands of years of persecuted, oppressed, neglected, helpless folks. Human rights area unit the sole subjects that welfare of each person. In our knowledge, human rights don’t seem to be on the far side of any faith. Rather, true faith really sets human rights within the world.

Our Campaigns

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Join Us Now For Great Work

You can serve the society in a variety of ways. You will help everyone. Show peoples a good way from the bad way. Since you are an educated man, you can teach free of cost to children of poor families who are not able to attend school due to lack of money. You can also start free adult education programs. This is a great and job to build people. You can fix the roads in your area that have broken; Social service can be done in many different ways.


Memorandum of some social services work organized by NHRACB (National Human Rights & Anti Corruption Bureau).