Social Service Campaign in cities

City social service is a collective development initiative in the city area. Efforts have been made to finance the socio-economic development of the people in the financial and technical collaboration of the government and active participation of the people. In order to create a happy and beautiful life of the people, we emphasize on harmonious relations and co-operation.

So the city’s social welfare means a developmental action consistent with the city area; whereas joint ventures by the government and the public, solving problems of the people, needing and development accelerate.

Our goals and objectives in city social development programs:

The main objective of the city social activities is to build an effective community in the urban areas, so that the people have a spiritual relationship with their own sector. The main purpose of the city social services to make efforts to implement the necessary socio-economic opportunities and programs in joint ventures together by the local people. Some of our objectives are summarized below-

  1. Inspiration to keep the environment clean while living in a slum area;
  2. Arrangement of work-oriented vocational training;
  3. Providing interest-free capital for the development of life quality through slot residents;
  4. To encourage the education of slum children and to send them to nearby government primary schools;
  5. Motivation to take training on primary health care and on family planning ;
  6. Identify the problems of slum dwellers and conduct survey work to determine the needs of the problem;
  7. Motivation to keep the slum and its surroundings pollution free;
  8. In order to rehabilitate his family villa in the villages from the urban areas in the field of usefulness to rehabilitate the supply of capital by involving rural social services;
  9. Conduct various cultural and skill-oriented training programs according to the needs of middle-class, upper-middle-class and poor families living in the city;
  10. Supporting the city to provide services of various government and non-government organizations located in the city;
  11. Providing support to solve various problems in the area through coordination of administration efforts with government efforts;
  12. Emphasize on economic and income-generating programs. Help to achieve economic self-reliance by taking loans program for slum dwellers and low-income families.