Child Welfare Service Campaign

What does child welfare mean? In simple words, the child welfare is the sum total of all kind of welfare efforts required for children; which begins before the birth of the baby and which is provided by any organization other than the parents.

Child Welfare According to Indian Social Work Encyclopedia, Volume 18, 1968 – “All services provided in the overall well-being of the children, which help in the growth of children’s physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and social development”.

According to W. A Friedlander and R.Z. Apte (1974)- “In order to ensure the overall well-being of the children with problems, the government, and nongovernmental organizations have identified children as child welfare”.

In the circumstances of the above discussions, it is said that the whole of the activities taken at the stage is those that are engaged in the physical, mental, social, cultural, financial and overall welfare of children. Likewise, the main goal of childcare is by NHRACB to assist in healthy growth and improvement of children.

The main objectives and characteristics of NHRACB in child welfare:

  1. Helping to maintain, support and develop a healthy active baby;
  2. Building a suitable environment and necessary facilities for children’s physical, mental, social, intellectual and emotional development;
  3. Developing physical and mental health of mother and child;
  4. Confirmation of fulfillment of ethnic needs with economic needs;
  5. Developing the latent talent of the children, taking responsibility as responsible, self-reliant and self-reliant;
  6. To make children educated and skilled;
  7. Making an arrangement of entertainment for the formation of the child’s character and to make their heart pure.
  8. Protecting children from all forms of torture;
  9. Arrangement and maintenance of physical, emotional, social and financially lame children by helping them to grow as a wealthy member;
  10. Providing overall child safety from all unfavorable situations;

Various programs have been adopted in our country considering the health, safety and other needs of children. To undertake short-term, long-term plans for the overall welfare of the children; NHRACB’s work is being conducted in the coordination of government and private activities at various levels and through consolidation of various programs.