Crime Reform Service Campaign

A number of offenders in crime and teenage crime in modern society are increasing day by day. Since teenagers are wrong to understand more than adults, their punishment system should be different from that of the aged. In addition, in the eighteenth century, social scientists, psychologists, social workers, and humanists gave strong ideas for giving the opportunity to correction instead of punishment for their actions. The overall process of helping the rehabilitation of the accused is reform. Corrective actions for the efforts to amend and rehabilitate criminal offenses by applying alternate methods and techniques of punishment. So, through the activities and arrangements which are tried to correct the behavior of the offender, personality, crime tendency, and character, it is called reform activity.  According to the definition of social work dictionary “The main goal of the amendment to amend the criminal crime trend and enable the normal life of society by changing the causes and conditions of the criminal education, advice, guidance and crime trends”

The Main Purpose of Reform

Reform practices are the modern methods of removing criminal tendencies. Whose main objectives are-

  1. Holding the punishment of the offender and making amends to improve it, rather than punishing it.
  2. Find out the nature of the person of the criminal, the arrangement of character improvement and the causes associated with the offender, to cure it.
  3. Giving an opportunity to change the character of the criminal’s own family and social-cultural environments.
  4. Help to keep from social stigma and to establish socially.
  5. Sometimes many innocent people get punished due to legal complications, as a result, the attitude of the person towards the society become negative and there may be a vengeance trend can occur in their mind. In this case, the reform activity prevents it.
  6. Many times in prison raw criminals come in contact with seasoned criminals and learn more new techniques of crime. The prison environment is never suitable for correcting criminal behavior. In this case, through the corrective action, the criminals get rid of the experience of the new crime learning techniques and the bitter prison.
  7. One of the main objectives of corrective activities is if the criminal becomes the only earning member of the family then his family will face a lot of financial problems.
  8. One of the objectives of reform activities is to keep the criminal’s character suitable by keeping proper supervision outside the prison.
  9. Government administration for many prisoners, a lot of money is needed for their maintenance and accommodation.
  1. Therefore, one of the main objectives of corrective activities is to reduce the costs of the department so as to reduce the cost of the crime and restore it.