Rural Social Service campaign

Our country is a summer country. Villages’ are the center of development for the country. After independence, the villages are together and suffer from a delicate condition. Most of the people in the village are extremely poor and suffer from various problems. Our rural areas are facing thousands of problems such as unemployment in a population explosion, poverty, hunger, ignorance, and malnutrition, loss of health, prejudice, and insecurity. Due to the lack of clean drinking water and sewage, diarrhea, cholera, arsenic diseases are the constant life of the people of the village, most of the villages are powerless. Most of the villages are dependent on others. Maternal mortality and child mortality are much more in the village. Every year floods, drought, river erosion, breezes, cyclones, etc. are disrupted in the rural areas due to natural disasters and the living people’s life becomes difficult afterward.

NHRACB adopts many welfare efforts aimed at socio-economic development of the distressed population of the country, especially for the afflicted rural population.

Aims of Our Rural Social Service campaign: The main objective of this program is to create employment opportunities for the rural population and to improve their income efficiency, improve their social economic development and quality of life. Its journey begins with many goals and objectives, such as-

  1. Develop a balanced and well-organized society through joint efforts by the government and the public.
  2. Making independent through the use of local resources.
  3. Develop rural organizations and develop leadership qualities among the people.
  4. Encouragement in family planning and prevention of birth control and family planning.
  5. To arrange for new employment generation and rehabilitation for self-employment, conduct welfare and rehabilitation program for physically challenged and disabled.
  6. Elimination of illiteracy in rural areas through the unofficial educational institution and encouraging people to take dependent mentality changes and to adopt modern knowledge and ideas.
  7. Developing disciplined citizens through new motivation and education of the rural’s weird and chaotic youth.
  8. Rural Infrastructure Development.
  9. Coordinate between public and private programs.