Welfare Campaign for the People of Differently Abled

Why do we say that disabled people are differently abled?

Some people, together with people that would conventionally be classified as disabled, use phrases like “differently abled” to point to disabled people. This phrase is employed as a result of it purportedly humanizes disabled people by specializing in our skills instead of on our impairments. people who like the phrase “differently abled” typically see the terms “disabled” or “disability” as doubtless hurtful or offensive. “Dis” means that “not,” therefore the argument goes, therefore line of work somebody “disabled” should mean that an individual is “unable to try and do something,” “incapable of ever doing something practical or helpful or fascinating either by others or by themselves,”  and therefore, it is wrong to call people disabled.

According to NHRACB, they are meant to be disabled; those who are unable to perform normal social roles in the society because of the disadvantage of physical, mental and intellectual disabilities and deprived of normal living.

The United Nations World Health Organization has tried to define disability through three steps. It is as follows-

Limitations in Physical Movement: A person’s physical, mental and physiological functional limitations;

Disability: Due to any physical functional limitations, like any other Non-disabled who is stuck to prove his potential talent and merit.

Limitations: Due to physical functional limitation or disability, the person who is deprived of all basic human rights including equal rights of men and women in his age, qualification, social status, cultural and economic life.

Thus, disability is physical limitation or deterioration, disability is the inability to show normal social role due to mental constraints or errors and social inconvenience. So we can divide the obstacle into three parts:

1) Physical Disabilities

2) Mental disabilities

3) Social Disabilities

The main objective of NHRACB is to support people with a healthy and normal life through the meeting, discussion, and disability welfare campaign. Besides, to take vocational training for disabled people and to take social programs to rehabilitate society.

The main objectives and characteristics of NHRACB in welfare campaign for the people of differently abled:

  1. There is a lack of specific statistical information about the people with disabilities, providing the right information at the national level about the types of people with disabilities and quantitative conditions and providing proof of disability paper certificates.
  2. Meet the lack of specific policies and plans for the disabled people.
  3. Acquire comprehensive and collective activities for government’s indifference and low fund allocation.
  4. Removal of the lack of coordination of various programs taken in the disabled training and rehabilitation.
  5. Eliminating the lack of awareness of the public about the rehabilitation of the disabled welfare and creating a neutral and compassionate attitude towards the disabled.
  6. To make the right decision for the restriction of practice of the Braille system and the lack of the teacher for the practice of the people with disabilities.
  7. Removing the poor and limited vocational education system for the disabled and arrange for more advanced spurts so that they can establish themselves as earning citizens.
  8. Elimination of the absence of institutional opportunities for training and rehabilitation of women disabilities.
  9. Take steps to overcome the lack of recreational activities such as sports facilities, libraries, events, etc. for the differently abled people.

consolidation of various programs.